The Infinite Loop by Derrick W. Jackson

  My life in stages is contagious. A never ending grind in the Infinite Loop. I will never get out of it until I reach the grave. This burden is upon us all. We are at the mercy of God and his angels. There's no getting out of it. No amount of money or acts can loose you from the grip of The Infinite Loop. Think of this Nothing you are born, you live, you die nothing. Will I come again as another. Is the loop really Infinite. Or is this life finite. Will we taste heaven at the end. Or will we merely began another life in the  Infinite Loop.


  View music from I Don't Like Horro r - I did this years ago and no I don't want a singing career

JP Meyer Exhibit


Snakes and Ladders by JP Meyer

JP MEYER - (2020-2021) Snakes And Ladders  The works are all inspired by mythology which I have loved since school days. Love the stories and the lessons they teach about love, redemption,  heroism, greed, & deceit which kind of helps me make sense/or not of life.  These "stories" conjure up all kinds of images which makes mythology a wonderful theme for painting.

I'm withdrawing from The LA Film School

After some hard thinking, i have decided to withdraw from The LA Film School. The cost is just too much over $78,000 plus interest.

Edited Star Crossed

  When I finished my screenplays, Star Crossed and Aaliyah: The Heavenly Kid, I uploaded them to Amazon as paperbacks. I ordered five of each (author copies) which cost $2.50 to make. So the total amount of the order was about $31.  I found errors on the Star Crossed Book on the back cover. I also read it to edit it and found a lot of errors. I finished editing Star Crossed so I uploaded that update to Amazon. I know that I will have to do the same for the Aaliyah: The Heavenly Kid paperback. In my quest to become an established writer I can't rush my books to market. I need to take the time to edit the books myself since I can't afford someone else to do it.

Thoughts - Sales, Sales, Sales

 I have been writing for years with low to no sales. It's discouraging. To be honest, I have not spent enough time promoting and advertising my books.  I don't have a big budget to use to advertise my books, so I have to get creative.  I get little to no feedback on Twitter and Facebook and also instagram. Sometimes I feel like this is a popularity contest. Or a lottery where you might get lucky enough to write a New York Times best seller. Or land a great book deal.