Welcome to The Sketchbook by Derrick W. Jackson

I'm glad that you took the time to read my blog.  The Sketchbook, features my artwork and writings.  I started drawing at a young age although I ended up being a computer programmer.  Now I am back to doing my art since 2005.  I want to share it with you all.  I solicit your comments and feedback good or bad.  Enjoy. Note the above picture was used for the cover of The 1Xtra Sketchbook, a book of pictures of all the radio personalities at the superhot, UK, radio station, 1Xtra.
Also view The 1Xtra Coloring Book.


Quantum: A Thriller (Captain Chase Book 1)

My Touched Playlist on Apple Music

I am working on Ebro's Top 50 Rappers list.  There times when I wanna get into the Zone and I just put on this playlist.

Prince Picture

Here's a picture I drew of prince several years ago.  Added photoshop effects.

Lil Wayne Pencil Drawing

It took me forever to draw this picture because I was dealing with depression at the time.  I did a little bit at a time until I finished it.

Ebro's Top 50 Rappers

XXL retweeted a post of a podcast that had their list of the 50 Top Rappers of all time.  A lot of people posted their list including Hot 97's Ebro from the morning show.  I am drawing his list and I would like challenge other Artist's to draw Ebro's list.  I plan to use this list to  put together an Apple Music Playlist.

Click here to see Ebro's Top 50 Rappers - D R A F T (PDF) started on it 10/26/19.

Black and Blue Movie Trailer

Movies are very inspirational to me. I don't know anybody who could not name you their favorite movie. I used to be big into scifi but I lean now towards more realistic action movies. There's almost always a love story even if it's "tuck away" in the movie or alluded to. But yeah Love and Basketball is one of my favorites. I think Prince's Purple Rain is up there and Glory staring Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman.

Visited my family in Georgia

Had a nice visit with my family in Georgia.  Here are some pictures with me and my family members.

Me and brother, Bernard
Me and my mother, Betty
Me and my oldest brother Allen
Me and my nephew, Tyrese,Bernard's son.
Me and my nephew, Joshua, Bernard's son.
Me and my twin, Eric.  I am on the left.
Me and my sister-n-law, Ethel.  This is Bernard's wife.

Today's Selfie - 10/19/19 - Derrick W. Jackson